"Etyux, the Alpha Mind of the Vex Collective. It is the one that all Vex are connected to, it is largest and most powerful Vex I have come face to face with and survived... Maybe it wanted me alive..."
―Ordax Venra

History Edit

No one knows how Etyux came around but only one guardian has come face to face with this behemoth. Ordax Venra believes that Etyux is the one that controls the Vex Axis Minds and built a fortress on the dwarf planet Haumea.

Tactics Edit

Etyux uses a large vortex cannon on it's right arm to disintegrate anything it chooses to aim at as well as several rocket launchers mounted around it's structure and automatically fires at heat signatures. Etyux also summons special harpies called Typhons and summons a new type of Vex which guards Etyux and the other High Minds called Chimeras.

The Vex Fortress Edit

The Vex Fortress is located on the heavily transformed dwarf planet Haumea and is near impossible to approach by space as it is guarded by unknown large Vex entities that circle the planet. The only way to enter the fortress is through other Vex strongholds such as the Citadel, Pyramidion and the Vault of Glass.

The Citadel teleporter is at the very top of the Citadel, the Pyramidion teleporter is very deep underground below Brakion and the Vault of Glass teleporter is at the end of the Vault of the glass triangle. These teleporters must be turned on my the strongholds Gate Praetorian.