Hanthony Williams

Hanthony Williams von Kerks

Hanthony Williams Kerks is a Human Titan Defender of Fireteam Wind, acting as the squad's pointman under the command of Sally Allisonn. For seven years, Hanthony and Marek would be involved with many conflicts with each other until finally reaching the breaking level that resulted in a near-fatal deadlock.

Appearance and Personality traits Edit

"No one can beat me. No one!"
―Hanthony to his squad after taking on a Fallen Archon

Physically, Hanthony stands 6 ft tall. Slightly off from his rivaling colleague Marek-1 by 2 inches. His skin color is a fair tone, has green eyes, black hair color that has one visible streak of white, and speaks in a thick german accent. The armor was of the common Titan: being a low-class yet effective piece of equipment and sporting an onyx color and bearing the class symbol on his helmet's visor.

Hanthony was a jovial, confident, and steadfast Titan. Expressing himself as a fighter for the common good of the human race. But despite that, he is very off-putting when it came to the misfortunes of others. Namely Marek Veseley, when he rebuked him for becoming sorrowful over the deaths of his master. Using this as of means to toughen up a victim of personal misfortune. He was often noted for his constant boasting and taunting of his enemies in order to get a more thrilling fight out of them and fun in battle. Taking on the biggest threats in order to test his strength to prove victorious. Even if threats are too great for him to take on, Hanthony will still fight to protect his dignity.

He is a lifelong friend of Sally Allisonn, his fireteam leader, who befriended him when they were orphans. They both trained and became Guardians on the same day. Hanthony see's her as an older Awoken sister he looks up to as family.

One of the most defining aspects of his personality, is Hanthony's constant rivalry with Marek Veseley, who is the squad's Warlock. Since finding him under the rubble and reactivating him, Hanthony has gone through great lengths to prove he is the strongest of the pack. He personally enjoys disregarding Marek's feelings for his master, on degree he will eventually resort to physical violence. Something Hanthony is hoping he will do that will guarantee victory.