Hilderic Melus is a Guardian Awoken Hunter who is the leader of the awoken-only group known as the Fireteam Vandal. Later simply becoming the Vandals upon the Last City's occupation by the Red Legion.

Hilderic was formerly a member of the Queen's Guard before leaving the Reef. After Mara Sov's death and Uldren's disappearance at the hands of Oryx, he and his two cousins, having managed to escape the blast that destroyed the majority of the Awoken's forces, fled to Earth. Earning a place in the Last City. With himself and his cousins becoming guardians. Mostly active in the European Dead Zone. When the guardians themselves lost their power's, Hilderic and his cousins fled further in the EDZ. Hoping to reacquire their powers.

Appearance Edit

Hilderic appears as an awoken with a similar-looking blue skin akin to his fellow people. His hair is dark blonde and long but trimmed to fit inside his helmet.