Marek as the Lightning Hawke2

The Lighting Hawke.

The Lightning Hawke, really known as Reed-1, is the Hunter Bladedancer of Fireteam Wind, acting as the squad's sole Hunter and reconnaissance expert. However this is a pretense: Lightning is, in actuality, an infiltrator for Marek-1 and the eighth member of the Exo Eight, as Rider Yang's spotter. He was appointed by Marek, two years after resigning his position in the Guardians and Future War Cult to reform the Exo Eight into a freelance group, to train his daughter to be a Guardian. Deciding a change to the request he made with Sally Allisonn, to the realization that she should never live in fear of The Darkness but instead to fight it. As a teenager, Sires would go further into the City to meet and be trained by him, not knowing it was from the very parental figure she long resented. Marek also used this as means to see her age and compile if Sally had lived up to the task of being her caretaker. A close bond would form between Lightning and Sires.

As a spy, using the designation name "Lightning-009" or "Lightning Hawke" as a moniker to cover any reference that could be traced back to him, contrary on the fact Marek was a known bearer of the ephitet "Hawk". Making Lightning the second member of the Eight to adopt the "Hawk" name as his moniker. It is further done by changing his robotic voice to sounding similar to humans thus giving a more organic feel. Not expressing any desire to pursue the bounty. And tending to converse more with Guardians but not affiliating himself with Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or the Future War Cult as per Marek's orders.