Qwoa Marru

Qwoa Marru, Exo Eight's secondary, and informant for the Guardians and Sally Allisonn.

Qwoa Marru is an Exo Titan and the second-in-command of the Exo Eight. Qwoa acted as Marek-1's colleague during his time affiliated with the Guardians and Future War Cult. At the time of this period, Qwoa acted as a pillar of wisdom to his adopted daughter, Sires Veseley, offering and teaching her life lessons. Despite appearing in photo's with Marek and Sires, she is not in a legal sense, her mother. Although Qwoa was often idolized as one, she never accepted this.

Upon Marek's resignation he was followed by Qwoa and six others who agreed to assist the vengeful Exo in his endeavor to exterminate the Darkness. While adhering the Eight's goals, she is really a informant for the Speaker, tasked with monitoring the group's movements and activities in addition to being an informant for Sally Allisonn, Marek's former fireteam leader.

Qwoa confronted the Speaker about Marek's intention to leave the Guardian Order to go freelance on destroying the Darkness. She was ordered to continue involvement with the defecting group to monitor their actions. Ensuring the Exo Eight would not become Guardian killers. After this she was approached by Sally Allisonn, who implored Qwoa to relay information on Marek's status to them. Hesitant at first but accepted the offer, however, this would commonly conflict with her initial objective. Then later was implored by the Future War Cult to monitor the Eight's activities for their purposes but immediately turned it down to prevent multiple tasks from contradicting the other. Qwoa would then continue feeding the Speaker important information regarding the Eight: such as the discovery of Sires' Guardian mentor, Guardian deaths by the Eight, and locations of deployment.

Appearance Edit

Qwoa had a blue head color with an orange downwards stripe that spread to her forehead and between her eyes. Her lower jaw is silver with two pink spots on each side of her mouth with the chin having a blue jaw piece. She lost her flawless blue complexion on the upper left of her head from Marek, who scratched open her head's outer layer as punishment of being revealed as an informant to the Speaker. Her eyes are a transparent white color with the ability to change them to reveal current emotion or change them to a different vision depending on the environment (Night-vision for very dark area's, etc).