"With this weapon I have killed Vex, Fallen, Hive, Cabal, Ghost and Guardian I wonder what is next" - Craw 19

The Mind Eater is a weapon with much mystrey around it as the Vanguard has much of the information about the weapon and it's story hidden from the Gaurdians and people of the last city.

Story by the Warlock Maduri 55 was that it was the weapon was the hand cannon of Craw 19, a mad hunter that raved on and on about his amazing hand cannon. Craw eventually killed his long time hunter Sorvek Mur as well as his ghost. He went on to wander that solar system killing anyone and anything. Soon he believed he was unbeatable and for some reason shot his ghost and him self in the head.

Sog Gri thought that the weapon was a weapon created by the hive to eat the minds of Guardians so they would kill them self.

Rori Nos believed the fabled weapon to really be a set of weapons that were to strong and poweful that they each had a mind of thier own.

All of these ideas filled Guardian gossip for a few years until it fell from popularity but it still entertains the minds of warlocks and others to this day